Friday, August 17, 2012


I'm in India!  I arrived last Sunday and I've been here for five days.  I'm heading home in two more days, so I'll get home the day before school starts.  Running the trip so close to the beginning of a new school year was intentional.  It means that if everything works out as planned, and the baby or babies cooperate, my paternity leave from teaching will run right into next years Summer Vacation.  That means I'll have about fourteen weeks off instead of just six weeks.  I may have thought a bit too far into the future, but a guy can plan and think positively can't he?

Anyway, to get to India I took a short flight from Washington D.C. to Newark, N.J. (1:30) and then a direct flight from Newark to Delhi (14:15).  Both flights were delayed and so my flight arrived in India a couple of hours late.  Aside from that and getting frisked on the U.S. side when I was going through customs everything went smoothly.  I watched TV and a movie I wanted to see (Bully), ate some pretty good airplane food and slept.  And I was in India before I knew it.


On the surrogacy front, I left my first genetic footprint at ISIS hospital on Monday (to be frozen).  Next, I went to meet Dr. Shivani at ISIS clinic.  The doctor told me what to expect and how things were run at SCI.  She listened to me and answered some more of my questions.  We talked for a while and ran out of time, so we planned to meet later in the week so that I could have a tour of the facilities.

                           I took this picture in the waiting room at ISIS Hospital.

Dr. Shivani and I at ISIS Clinic.

On Tuesday I met with the SCI lawyer to sign the legal agreement.  I also met my surrogates which was a wonderful experience.  The surrogates could change if their final lining check scan is not perfect for the transfer.  In the event this does happen there are about thirty other amazing women who are on the same schedule.  Dr. Shivani explained everything to me.  She chose both of my surrogates.  In the event that there needs to be a change I asked that the doctor make any decisions and then let me know.  Doing things this way made the most sense to me because the doctor has all the knowledge and skill, not me. 

On Thursday I went to ISIS hospital to leave frozen footprint two.  I also went back to ISIS clinic where Dr. Shivani gave me an amazing tour.  This could be an entire post in itself, but lets just say that I completely feel that I'm dealing with a very organized and highly efficient clinic.  It was a great experience for me and something that I won't soon forget.  

While I was at the clinic I asked Jyoti, Lalit and Kunwar if they minded 

 posing for a quick picture.

While I was in the waiting room I met two other single men who are trying to become dads.  One of them is just where I am in the process, while the other (Phil) is further along.  Phil sent his genetic footprint cryogenically, so he came to India to meet the surrogate who has been carrying his twins for twenty weeks.  It turns out that Phil and I were both staying at India Luxury Homes B & B. 

                       This is Phil and I in front of the fountain at the B & B.
                                     His twins are due in December.

                      We both took pictures on this elephant statue.
                            It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time:)     

                     The cook and two caretakers at the B & B strike a pose. 
                                       These are three good guys.

On Thursday I also went to look at some apartments.  I  know I'm thinking way ahead again, but it made sense to me.  I was very pleasantly surprised to meet one of my fellow bloggers ( and her beautiful new baby daughter at one of the apartments.  This was the perfect end to an incredible day in India.  

Saturday is scheduled to be the big day.  That's when the actual egg collection and fresh fertilization will take place.  The embryos will be transferred two to three days later into the surrogates.  Right around labor day I should know the results.  

It was great to finally meet Dr. Shivani and all of the people who work around her at Surrogacy Center India and Isis hospital.  I'm taking in all of the sights and sounds of India as well.  This is such an awesome experience.  It's hard to believe that I'm really here!!! 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almost There!

I'm leaving for India this week!  It's hard to believe that in the not so distant future I will be in the midst of my own two week wait, to find out if either or both of my surrogates are pregnant.  That's right; after talking to Dr. Shivani I decided to use two surrogates, along with a proven egg donor and a fresh cycle in August.

I've taken really good care of myself too and I know that my egg donor is doing well and is right on schedule, so there's nothing more I can do now but get ready to go and work out the last few odds and ends of my trip:)

Speaking of my egg donor; I received some updates from SCI in the last few weeks.  It's hard to describe the way that I feel about this lovely woman, who will hopefully be the biological mother of my children.  Even though I've never met her I feel a strong connection between the two of us.  Maybe that sounds silly to some people, but I don't care it's how I feel. 

I sent the clinic a couple of messages to see how she was doing, and got the following responses.  It was very happy to find out that she was well.

Dear Craig,

We thank you for your e-mail.

We would like to inform you that we have spoken to your donor.

We are very happy to inform you that she is doing absolutely fine and her morale is very high.

We now look forward to meeting you soon in India :))

With Best Regards,
SCI Healthcare
A-28, Kailash Colony
New Delhi- 110048
Ph: 91 11 41034631
      91 11 45792531

A couple of weeks later I got another exciting message and found out that everything was right on schedule.  

Dear Craig,

We thank you for your mail.

We would like to inform you that we have received her blood test & suppression scan report.

Please note that everything is under control & on the schedule.

In view of the same we have started her on stimulation.

We now look forward to meeting you soon.

With Regards,
SCI Healthcare
A-28, Kailash Colony
New Delhi- 110048
Ph: 91 11 41034631
      91 11 45792531

It wont be long now.  I'm on my way!!!  Everyone keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me.  And if you can find any extra baby dust, do not hesitate to blow it my way!