Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All great things come from daring to begin.

I have wanted to start a family ever since I can remember.  My sister recently reminded me that even as a teenager I would talk about having a large family some day.  Later, when I became a teacher I remember thinking about how nice it would be to work the same hours that my children were in school and be home with them after school, on holidays and in the summer.

Being a dad is one one of those things that I believed would happen one day.  It was something that I took for granted, and as I got older I realized that I was more than ready to become a father.  I think that some men must have a biological clock, because the alarm on mine was definitely going off!

Being a single male I weighed my options and decided to look into surrogacy in the United States first.  I found that the legal issues surrounding a surrogacy arrangement in the United States were complex.  Aside from that, surrogacy in the United States was a lot more expensive than I had thought and I realized that on a teachers salary it was just not an option for me.  I then spent some time looking into adoption, both domestic and international.  In hindsight I think that I spent so much time researching adoption because, as a single male, I really did not think it was the best option for me and so I was going in circles.  One day while I was online looking into adoption, I ran across an article about surrogacy in India.  I found that someone like me could afford the surrogacy process in India and there were not the legal snafus that I found in the United States.  I was immediately intrigued and although I did not jump right into it, I think that I knew right away that this is the way that I would become a father.

I read that first article well over a year ago.  Since then I think I have read every article, looked through every blog, and watched every video that there is about surrogacy in India.  I have followed other peoples experiences and contacted various clinics that I was interested in using in India.  Over time I felt in my heart that I could become a father this way if I just took a chance.  As this post is titled, "All Great Things Come From Daring to Begin."  Well I'm ready to take that leap of faith and start the surrogacy process in India, and one day my child or children will read this and know just how much they were wanted.

Finally, after spending over a year looking into surrogacy in India, its time to get the ball rolling.  I have chosen what I believe to be the best clinic in India to help me become a dad.  I'm not saying that any of the other clinics are bad, but seriously, when all is said and done in my mind the most important decision I will make is choosing the right clinic.  And I believe that I have made the right decision for all the right reasons.  So don't worry Mom, I did my homework and I didn't jump into anything without giving it some thought.  What was my choice and Why?  That will have to wait for my next post.  Until then, remember what seemed impossible to achieve not long ago has become a fact of life today.  It always seems impossible until its done.