Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Making Progress/ Why Dr. Shivani & Surrogacy Center India

It's been a while since my last post, so I guess I've been a bad blogger.  But on the surrogacy front there has been a lot of progress.  I've had all of my necessary medical tests done in the United States and sent them to India.  They were immediately reviewed by Dr. Shivani and everything was fine.

I've also chosen an egg donor that I'm really happy with.  Choosing my donor was a very important step for me.  After all she will be the biological mother of my child or children, so finding her was very meaningful.  Actually, back in 2011 when I was still looking into a few different clinics, SCI had sent me some donor profiles.  I wasn't ready to choose a donor then, but all these months later one of the women was still fixed in my mind.  I still had her profile and sent it to Meg and Margarida.  Meg told me that she was no longer on their books, but Dr. Shivani had asked her to donate especially for me and she had agreed.  I was very happy because she was my first choice donor back in 2011, as well as from the list of current donors that Meg and Margarida had sent me.  Next, I was able to speak with Dr. Shivani over the phone about the donor, along with a few other questions that I had.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about speaking to her because she happens to be one of the main reasons why I chose to work with SCI.  I had read and heard so much about Dr. Shivani that she seemed like some sort of a celebrity to me, but when I actually talked to her I immediately felt at ease.  I asked a number of questions which were all answered to my satisfaction.  The Doctor was kind and caring, and made me feel special even though I knew that she had many other patients.  Dr. Shivani thought that it was wise that I had chosen a proven donor and thought that she was an excellent choice.   

Aside from the necessary tests and the donor, I have been clearly guided through the initial steps of the surrogacy process by SCI.  All of my questions have been answered promptly, and I've been amazed at times by the speed in which some of the information has been returned to me.  Kudos to Meg and Margarida.  I still don't understand when these two ladies sleep, but they have been a wonderful resource for me.  I've continued to be impressed and sometimes amazed with the communication between myself and the people working for SCI Healthcare.

I could go into a lot more details about what has happened over the last couple of months, but I will spare everyone and just say that in the end I've set a date in August to go to India!  I'm excited about the trip, but I have to admit I'm a bit nervous too.  Even though I've let my nerves get the best of me a few times, I'm even more optimistic now than I was back in May about pursuing surrogacy in India.  Working with Dr. Shivani, and all of the people surrounding her at Surrogacy Center India over the last couple of months has had a lot to do with it.  I just can't wait to get to India and begin a very important part of my own journey.       



  1. Wishing you the very best on your journey! Exciting times ahead :)

    1. Hi Gee, It looks like I'm just a few weeks ahead of you, so I want to wish you the very best on your journey as well! Every great dream does begin with a dreamer. Lets both dream big:)

  2. Awesome news that your first choice donor was available. Good luck next month!

  3. Thanks Charlie. I'm looking forward to hearing the good news from your 2WW.

  4. Hi there... I just found your blog. It is very nice to meet you and I look forward to following and reading about your journey ahead. From one single dad, I send my best wishes and positive vibes/thoughts to you!

  5. All the best with your HUGE adventure

  6. You are well on your way! Best of luck in August!

  7. Best wishes and a lot of baby dust! SCI Team is wonderfull, you are in good hands.